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Rod was great to work with and the rest of the staff was always pleasant and helpful.

Donald & Virginia Sacramento Ca December 21, 2017

Mallory was excellent in communicating and handling the long-distance transaction.

David, Carmichael CA December 19, 2017

Rod is always proactive and communicative.  We were always informed.

Michael, Sunnyvale CA December 18, 2017

John Ehret was very proessional and a joy to work with.  We will refer our friends to John.

Daniel & Michele, Angels Camp CA December 4, 2017

Bob was perfect, you should bottle him!!

David & Tracey, Oakland CA November 28, 2017

Overall our experience was very good and Bob took care of us.  We will recommend him to friends.

Michael & Denell, Brentwood CA November 22, 2017

Barry & team were awesome!

James & Benedicta, Alamo CA November 17, 2017

Mallory was quite effective!

Lisa & Barry, Orinda CA November 16, 2017

Barry, we received Great Service!!

Sachin & Paula, San RAmon CA November 16, 2017

It went much better than we had hoped!

Ann, Mountain Ranch CA November 16, 2017

Great job Gloria!!

Joe & Kathy, Los Gatos CA November 7, 2017

Greg did a great job during the whole process!  Couldn't ask for much more!!

Phillip & Michelle, Lodi CA October 31, 2017

John did a great job of keeping us informed and updated.  Everything went smoothly.

Aldo & Margarita, Boulder Creek CA October 26, 2017

Elaine was always there for us when we had questions.  She is an expert in real estate and we felt fortunate to have cold-called the agnecy and got Elaine!  Thank you Elaine!!

Donald & Suzanne, Orangevale CA October 24, 2017

Everything was done in a timely manner and all my concerns were addressed.  Bob did a wonderful job.

Carol, Rocklin CA October 20, 2017

Greg did a great job keeping us up to date.  He is a straight shooter, I appreciate it!

Joseph, Cumming IA October 20, 2017

Madison and the whole office are amazing.  We will definitely recommend you!

Diego & Brooke, San Jose CA October 16, 2017

A wonderful experience.  Everyone involved was thorough, helpful, so friendly and prompt.  Thank you Barry for everything!

Robert & Pamela Turlock CA October 5, 2017

We love Heidi, the staff and Marta!!

Michael & Margaret San Mateo CA October 3, 2017

We are very satisfied with the transaction.  Rod is professional, informative and personable.  I would not hesitate to contact him for any future real estate transactions!

David & Carol, Sausalito CA September 28, 2017

Couldn't have been better, especially considering we corresponded from afar!  Thank you Rod!

William & Carol, Pleasant Hill CA September 28, 2017

Everything went great! Kathy was superb!

Theodore & Ninonah, Manteca CA September 8, 2017

John was GREAT through the whole process!

Douglas & Arlene, Livermore CA August 31, 2017

Elaine you are the Best!  Thank you so much for your help.  Love the house!

Ronald & Paula, Half Moon Bay CA August 25, 2017

Heidi is a consummate real estate professional and we really valued working with her!

Lamont & Jennifer, Elk Grove CA August 22, 2017

We are very pleased with the service Gloria provided. She answered every question, prompt to reply and looked out for our best interests.

David & Shelly, Woodland, CA August 20, 2017

Great working with you again, Barry!

Bernard & Jami, Modesto, CA August 17, 2017

John was great! Kept us informed and always offered sound advice.

Colin & Gwendolyn, Pleasanton CA August 16, 2017

Bob won our trust and always kept us well informed-very helpful in answering all our questions. All staff friendly and cooperative.

Matthew & Elaine, Mendocino, CA August 12, 2017

The sale of our home went very smoothly, and Heidi sold our home in 4 days. We are very happy!

Jay, Arnold CA August 8, 2017

Heidi, I think the transaction went about a well as possible- very satisfied!

Leonard & Cathy, Galt, CA August 5, 2017

Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner. We enjoyed working with Elaine and are pleased with the results.

Mark & Kathleen, Stockton CA July 27, 2017

Heidi was amazing to work with. I would recommend her to any person looking for a home in the area.

Duane, Patterson CA July 19, 2017

Everything was excellent! Thanks so much Barry for getting us our incredible home!!

Brad & Cecilia, Walnut Creek, CA July 14, 2017

Everything was perfect. Our agent, Wendy, is the Best!! We can thank her enough. Thank you for the pleasant experience.

Frank & Barbara Masek, Moss Beach CA July 5, 2017

We had a great experience working with Barry Ward Realty. Thank you Barry.

Marc & Tina, San Francisco CA July 2, 2017

Thank you Barry and thank you all for great service. Everything went so perfect. Thank you again, you were all so great!

Jackie & Diane, Castro Valley CA June 26, 2017

Thank you John for everything. We are so happy with our purchase. It was easy all the way.

Joyce, Incline Village NV June 19, 2017

Kathy was wonderful!

Gordon & Evelyn, Manteca CA June 11, 2017

You all did a great job! John was great! He was very helpful.

Jeff & Jenny, Santa Clara, CA June 8, 2017

Kathy was wonderful and very quick with responses by text, phone and email. Excellent agent!

Bruce & Camela, Valley Springs CA May 26, 2017

Heidi, you and your staff were great and professional!

Michael & Michele, Folsom CA May 23, 2017

John, keep up the excellent work!

Donald, Stockton CA May 22, 2017

We are completely satisfied with Heidi's service and everyone else at Ward Realty.

Valerie & Susan, Alameda CA May 17, 2017

Both Bob Doten and Rod Rodr were outstanding to work with. We\'ve had interaction with two other local realty firms and our positive experience with Barry Ward Realty stands out as exceptional.

Michael & Kelli, Pleasand Hill CA May 16, 2017

Heidi, everything went smoothly for us.

John & Vicki, Lincoln CA May 10, 2017

Rod was a pleasure to work and correspond with. And so patient with answering my questions! Thanks, Rod!

Andria, Berkeley CA May 9, 2017

Kathy did a great job for us!

James & Georgann, Volcano CA May 6, 2017

Well Executed! Thank you Heidi.

Jeffery & Linsey, Alamo CA May 3, 2017

Barry, Marta, and all Barry Ward Realty team, We took the keys and went to see the house today, we are very happy, and want to THANK YOU ALL for all. It has been our great pleasure working with you from the very beginning all the way to the end. Everything went so smooth that it felt effortless, but we all know how much good work it takes to make it seem \"effortless\". Thank you for handing the house in such well-prepared shape!

Dmitri & Andjela, San Jose CA April 26, 2017

To Barry Ward and his wonderful team: We just had to let you know how impressed we are with your outstanding customer support. Purchasing our cabin ran smoothly from start to finish. We are settling in and looking forward to making many memories up in Arnold. We could not have done it without all of you! In Gratitude,

Eric & Kirsten, San Jose CA April 25, 2017

Barry, everything went smooth. Very happy to work with your agency. Thank you very Much!!!

Dmitri & Andjela, San Jose CA April 21, 2017

Heidi was wonderful!

Mark & Kimberly, Clovis CA April 15, 2017

Heidi, everything was performed professionally, timely and with constant humor!

Thomas, Capitola CA April 13, 2017

Heidi and Marta were amazing. Considering we met through a inquiry, I was very pleased with all aspects of the transaction.

Robert & Estrellina, Burlingame CA April 12, 2017

Excellent working with Elaine!

James, Grass Valley CA April 8, 2017

Barry everything was great! Professional staff. Everything flowed great. We love the welcome booklet with all the useful information.

Eric & Kirsten, San Jose CA April 4, 2017

Barry handled it GREAT!

Richard & Kathleen, Alamo March 25, 2017

This was a very difficult transaction, but thanks to Heidi's perseverance, we now have a cabin. Really, a dream came true. We will definitely be recommending Barry Ward!

Jorge & Karen, Redwood City CA March 20, 2017

John was great and got us into our new house at a great price! Thank you.

Jonathan & Stephanie, San Carlos, CA March 17, 2017

Kathy was very helpful in getting my property purchased in a timely manner. Very satisfied with your service!

Ron, San Francisco CA March 12, 2017

Can't think of anything more Barry could have done. The whole experience was seamless!

Daniel & Susan, Napa CA March 6, 2017

Excellent Wendy went above and beyond every step of the way and we will be recommending her to all our fiends and family. She is a gem!

Travis & Tara, Woodland CA February 24, 2017

Barry, we were impressed with your staff!! You had every area covered from vendors, etc... I can't think of anything needing improvement. Thanks again!

Vincent & Gloria, Daly City CA February 18, 2017

There are no notes for improvement. Barry even had to handle responsibilities clearly belonging to the other agent. Barry and his team continue to be thorough, efficient, communicative, and anticipatory of our every need!

Rob & Alice, Los Altos CA February 17, 2017

John did a fantastic job of representing our property, we are very pleased with the outcome.

Larry & Vicki, Lafayette CA February 13, 2017

Heidi was Great! We would recommend her to anyone looking in the area.

Digby & Sandra, Danville CA February 10, 2017

Kathy was personable, helpful and honest. She made the process pleasurable and that was much appreciated!

Tracy & Karen February 5, 2017

December 2016 Nina, San Anselmo CA
Barry, thank you for such a pleasant and hassle-free experience.
December 2016 Larrie & Vickie, Atwater CA
There is nothing more Bob could have done for us. Totally satisfied!
December 2016 Raymond & Catherine, Palo Alto CA
I enjoyed working with Heidi. She did her best to work with all the owners, keeping all informed during the process — Thank you.
December 2016 Michael & Kelly, Sunnyvale CA
Rod was professional, responsive, proactive, communicative and a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond our expectations.
November 2016 Erin & Chandrivali, Castro Valley CA
John was great, as usual!
November 2016 William & Carol, Arnold CA
Everything went well with the coordination between the title company and Barry Ward Realty, thanks to Gloria.
November 2016 Gilbert & Doreen, Antioch CA
Kathy was awesome!
November 2016 Frank & Regina, San Pablo CA
Barry, we thought it was a job well done, and not an easy job.
November 2016 Darin & Sylvia Lodi CA
We found John Ehret just a pleasure to work with and we will definitely be referring others to your agency.
October 2016 Donna & Pleasant, Valley Springs CA
Madison is the BEST!
October 2016 Charles, Hodgen OK
Thanks to Elaine! She was super fun, professional, knowledgeable, and personable — a super thanks to her.
October 2016 David & Barbara, Manteca CA
It was awesome working with Heidi. Thank you so much!
September 2016 David & Terri, Tracy CA
John and everyone at Barry Ward were wonderful, helpful, and friendly. Buying with you guys was a wonderful experience and we will love coming to Arnold!
September 2016 Fredrick & Jacqueline, Los Gatos CA
We cannot think of any improvements. Barry was wonderful – very communicative and responsive throughout the whole process!
September 2016 Richard, Tracy CA
All went very well. John was very helpful and sincere. Thank you.
September 2016 Gladys, Murphys CA
There is nothing more John could have done for us. Excellent.
September 2016 George & Catherine, San Carlos CA
Thanks to Barry and staff for exceptional service!
September 2016 Dan & Lisa, Valley Springs CA
Kathy DeGraef was amazing!
August 2016 Joseph, Carmel Valley CA
Barry, everything was excellent!
August 2016 Kim, San Leandro CA
Barry, I was very happy with all that was done. Thank you!
August 2016 Christopher & Heather, Pleasanton CA
Barry, thanks for all your hard work. Chris and I are very happy with our new cabin!!
August 2016 Lorene, Salinas CA
Barry was Excellent! Everything happened so quickly.
August 2016 Kenneth & Kathleen, Campbell CA
We cannot find any area of service which Barry could have improved upon. We were treated very well throughout with excellence!
August 2016 Richard & Laura, Morgan Hill CA
Elaine provided a very professional and easy transaction!
August 2016 Delaney, Daly City CA
Gloria was super!
July 2016 Matthew, Arnold CA
I wouldn’t change anything. You guys are great. Special thanks to John Ehret!
July 2016 Roy & Stacey, Fremont CA
John was perfect. Loved working with him.
July 2016 Sean & Ashley, Marinez CA
Kathy & Noreen were great and a pleasure to work with.
July 2016 Jeffrey & Wendy, Corte Madera CA
Heidi handled everything perfectly!
July 2016 Paris & Diane, Castro Valley CA
Process was smooth, with little obstacles. Heidi represented us well!
July 2016 Linda, Ripon Ca
Bob was excellent!!
July 2016 Manuel & Rebecca, Livermore, CA
There is nothing more that could have been done to improve our transaction. That is why we picked Barry!
June 2016 Norma, Los Gatos, CA
Kathy was great! Thank you.
June 2016 Raymond & Karen, Knightsen CA
Absolutely nothing needed to be improved upon. Everyone in the office is so friendly, making it all seem like a breeze! Elaine is amazing, completely taking all the stress off of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
June 2016 Gregory & Monica, Ripon CA
Heidi was a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend Ward Realty.
May 2016 Dietrich & Margaret, Arnold CA
Heidi, service was excellent.
May 2016 Basilio & Lelia, Arnold CA
John, thank you very much.
May 2016 William, Petaluma CA
Heidi was awesome. She stayed with me for a year of looking before I found the right home. She tended to my every need during purchase and escrow. Excellent Job Heidi!
May 2016 John & Anne, Walnut Creek CA
Heidi, we are very happy!
May 2016 Chris & Cindy, Oakley CA
There was absolutely nothing you could have done to improve this experience – it was the smoothest transaction we’ve executed ever! It was more complicated buying our new car with cash, than purchasing this home! Thank you to John – He’s been amazing throughout! Marta was fantastic on keeping us informed too!
May 2016 Michael & Sheryl, Gilroy CA
Gloria handled our transaction very professionally. Thanks
May 2016 Carol & Steve, San Jose CA
Barry was great – no improvements noted.
May 2016 Benjamin & Gail, Santa Cruz CA
Heidi, you all were great!
May 2016 Richard & Carol, South Lake Tahoe CA
John worked hard for us; so did Marta. Literally everything was taken care of for us. I would recommend you to my friends. Thank you!
May 2016 Fred & Phyllis, Moraga CA
John Ehret did an outstanding job of handling a difficult situation. His is truly a professional. Thank you.
May 2016 Laurie, Stockton CA
Kathy was very helpful and “got” our touchy situation.
May 2016 Hilma, Carson City NV
Barry, and the whole office staff, handled the emotionally difficult sale of our parent’s estate properties with patience, understanding (that could only come from experience), professionalism and with integrity. I am extremely grateful. Please know you can count on me to always provide an excellent recommendation.
May 2016 David & Stephanie, Brentwood CA
Heidi, great experience!
May 2016 John & Bertha, Stockton CA
Both Elaine and Gloria were very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, personable and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your patience and helping us buy a second home that we really like, for a discounted price (under market value).
P.S. We appreciate your follow-up service after escrow closed.
April 2016 Elizabeth, Dublin CA
Heidi was a pleasure to work with. I would use her again should the need arise.
April 2016 David, Concord CA
Bob was awesome, kept us informed thru the whole process and had all his team follow up during the whole process.
April 2016 William & Lynda, Turlock CA
Bob was great. He went the extra mile. We appreciate his enthusiasm and extra help.
March 2016 Michael & Amy, Danville CA
Great job! Enjoyed working with Heidi and Marta.
February 2016 Curtis & Gina, Stockton CA
Kathy was great, above & beyond expectations. We own a cabin! Thanks Kathy!
February 2016 Christa & Matt, Danville CA
We are so glad that we called Kip – there were so many choices on Zillow and Trulia and we hit Gold – Kip was immediately responsive and quickly became our trusted business adviser. She took the time to show us several options, educate us about the market and the amenities of the areas to choose from. She helped us step by step and guided us to closing on the best property for us. And we are grateful that her advice and help continues even after the sale! We couldn’t be happier and look forward to working with Kip again!
February 2016 Matt & Kirsten, Rocklin CA
Kip was excellent to work with. Her knowledge of the local housing market is evident. She had a feel for seemingly every property in the greater Arnold area (our area of focus) and it would not surprise me if that knowledge extended up and down the Hwy 4 corridor. We had one really difficult desire (flat lot in a mountain setting), and she was able to deliver. Kip is really easy to discuss all areas of the home purchase process with and was always available to chat with. We are just starting the post purchase (cabin ownership) portion of the relationship and she has armed us with a list of local respected contractors to do a few needed projects. Kip Machado has been fantastic to work with and would be a great choice as a real estate agent for her friendly, affable manner and comprehensive knowledge of the local housing market.
February 2016 Shannon, San Bruno CA
Kathy, everything went smooth. Thank you!
January 2016 James & Dana, Port Costa CA
Heidi is the personification of professionalism! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
January 2016 Dave & Debbie, Mokelumne Hill CA
We overall had an excellent experience with Kathy!
January 2016 Nathan & Daina, Pleasanton CA
John was excellent from start to close, and after. Being distant, he was very helpful arranging for local activities, and communicating status and what was happening.
December 2015 Mary, Altaville CA
Kathy was wonderful during this process. I was informed all along the way. The property was not an easy sell, but she did it. I am so grateful. I would recommend her to anyone with a home to sell.
December 2015 Dennis & Teresa, McKinney TX
Heidi, thanks for all your help in selling our properties in Big Trees! We really miss the Sierras!!
December 2015 Ann, Berkeley CA
Barry exceeded my expectations in his proactive marketing approach!
December 2015 Donna, Martinez CA
December 2015 Dale, Livermore CA
Barry, every person that I had contact with at BWR were great to work with. Thank all of you!
November 2015 Leonard & Josephine, Pleasanton CA
Barry, thanks for all your great work and keeping us informed.
November 2015 Russell & Carol, Rohnert Park CA
Gloria, job well done!
November 2015 Kathleen, Castro Valley CA
Everything went smoothly. Thanks Barry!
November 2015 Sherry, Sacramento CA
You did it all, Barry. You held my hand when I got stressed. You never seemed bothered by my many questions. Plus! You found me the perfect cabin. Thank you.
November 2015 Joe, San Mateo CA
Kip did an excellent job and was very helpful during the whole process. Her honesty, ethics and hard work is really appreciated.
November 2015 Tommy & Soraya, Turlock CA
Noreen is professional, patient and honest – three qualities that made working with her a joy. The process worked very well with her help.
November 2015 Nicholas & Marie, Concord CA
Kathy was everything I could have wanted in an agent. I hope everyone in your office is as friendly, knowledgeable and proficient as she is.
November 2015 Stan & Karen, Benicia CA
Noreen took immediate interest in our queries regarding the community…she immediately started looking for any properties that would meet our needs. She was with us every step of the way…constantly available…and always cheerful to see us and go out with us. We found that to be refreshing. After we found the “just right” property in Dorrington, she was right on top of the necessary transaction details, reports, forms, signatures, etc. We always felt that she was in our corner and there to support us. We’re grateful to have had her as our agent and would highly recommend her to any other prospective buyers.
November 2015 Josh & Dana, San Francisco CA
Barry, so thankful for all of your help!
October 2015 D & E Koltrum, San Ramon CA
The best part of working with Kip is her patience, and the undivided attention that she gives you. Kip will listen as long as necessary in order to better understand your needs and preferences, and will proceed with property suggestions at the pace that you’re comfortable with. Our experience at buying a cabin for recreational use was all positive. At no point did we feel that our agent was anxious to just close the transaction. To the contrary – Kip was always fair in pointing out possible downsides of certain properties or locations. In general, we felt that on many occasions Kip went above and beyond what could reasonably be expected of Realtor, and for that we are deeply thankful. Kip and her family all lived in the area for a long time, and she knows Arnold inside-out. As an advice to prospective home buyer in Arnold, I recommend that you, too, should be a good listener, not only your agent. Part of the reason we hired Kip was the fact that Barry Ward Realty is the most popular Real Estate office in Arnold, and the biggest property manager. Renting out vacation property is a big part of life in Arnold, and Barry Ward Realty is good at building long-term relationships with clients. As a matter of fact, we rented vacation properties in Arnold on several occasions, and we rented through Kip 2 or 3 times before deciding to buy our own place. It was then, that we got a very good impression of Kip and Barry Ward Realty and it made our choice of the Realtor easy. In conclusion, our experience was 5 star in all categories.
October 2015 Patty, San Jose CA
The process went very smoothly under Kip’s direction. Thank you!
October 2015 John & Rebecca, Ashland OR
Heidi and the escrow officer handled questions, details, paperwork etc. flawlessly. Thank you again!
October 2015 Stephen & Barbara, Walnut Creek CA
Gloria, everything went great!
October 2015 Rafael & Lisa, San Jose CA
Kip was a pleasure to work with!
October 2015 Joseph & Donna, San Mateo CA
Kip does great work!
October 2015 Dietrich, Arnold CA
Heidi provided excellent service.
October 2015 Robert & Vivian, Los Gatos CA
We had a great experience with Kip. Everyone was courteous, helpful & professional – thank you!
October 2015 Paul & Vivi, Carmel Valley CA
Bob started out attentive, proactive and clear about what to expect. That level of professionalism didn’t waver.
September 2015 Carlsen Family, Clovis CA
Kip is the best! She helped us find people that could fix our cabin and was always available, supportive and nice the entire time. Thanks Kip!
August 2015 James & Paula, Soledad CA
We were very happy that it was a quick sale. Kathy was very helpful, both with the purchase of our cabin and the sale of our condo.
August 2015 Brad & Amy, San Leandro CA
You were all wonderful…Thank you!
August 2015 Scott & Carol, Sunnyvale CA
Working with Elaine has been a pleasure. We would gladly refer her to friends & family!
August 2015 Wade & Peggy, Turlock CA
Heidi was fantastic! We could not have asked for a better realtor or experience. Thank you so much!
August 2015 Ron & Rose, Los Angeles CA
John was very helpful throughout the entire process. We started looking a year ahead of our estimated move and John helped us figure which neighborhood we really wanted to relocate to.
August 2015 Gary & Carolyn, Ripon CA
Kip was the greatest realtor ever! She knew her stuff, and she kept the process moving start to finish.
August 2015 Greg & Teri, Modesto CA
We had a great experience with all communication through the whole process. We couldn’t thank Kip enough.
August 2015 Daniel & Toni, San Jose CA
John is the best! The only way it could have been better is if he bought my house for me. I will recommend John and your company to anyone who asks. I was very impressed, don’t change a thing.
July 2015 Leon & Lorrie, San Jose CA
Heidi did an excellent job for us throughout. She was very helpful in intervening with our lender when things did not go smoothly. We appreciate her assistance.
July 2015 John & Janice, Menlo Park CA
Heidi, we felt that the transaction and marketing of our home was professional and went above what we would’ve expected. We are grateful for the service.
July 2015 Mike & Mary, Brentwood CA
Barry made it very easy for us.
July 2015 Cindy, Burlingame CA
Heidi was great!
July 2015 Robert, Trabuco Canyon CA
Heidi did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.
July 2015 Pete & Bonnie, Temecula CA
Everything went exceptionally well! Elaine was fantastic in helping us when we bought the cabin, and was exceptional when we sold it!
July 2015 Joseph & Amy, Moraga CA
Heidi is the best!!
July 2015 Art & Susan, Sunnyvale CA
Gloria was great to work with and very personable.
June 2015 Mary Ann, Santa Rosa CA
I was kept completely informed which I really appreciated. It was a very good working relationship (with Heidi).
June 2015 Charles & Janel, Pleasanton CA
Heidi was quick and efficient!
June 2015 Don & Arlene, Arnold CA
Gloria was great!
June 2015 Bill & Rebecca, Napa CA
Kip was kind, professional and responsive. It was a joy to work with her.
May 2015 Mike & Claire, Valley Springs CA
Kathy DeGraef was phenomenal – professional, motivated, funny (always), helpful and a wonderful tour guide of the area. We will continue using her for our future real estate needs. Thank you to Marta as well!
May 2015 Patrick & Christine, San Rafael CA
Carmie is wonderful, thoughtful, and we will highly recommend her to everyone!
May 2015 Larry & Kristen, Visalia CA
It was a pleasure working with Elaine again. She is a real gem and helped to ensure it all went smoothly, as usual.
May 2015 Ken, Livermore CA
Transactions went far better than expected, especially long distance. I’ll definitely recommend Barry to friends.
May 2015 Tamara & Aaron
Kip was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable and responsive. She was able to answer all of our questions. Overall the purchasing process went very smooth and we are happy to be in our new cabin!
May 2015 Greg & Kathleen, Novato CA
Barry, thank you for making our difficult decision to sell run so smoothly, from beginning to end.
April 2015 Aaron & Tamara, Discovery Bay CA
Kip, everything went very smooth.
April 2015 Thomas & Mary Ann, Visalia CA
Barry did a great job! Thank you very much.
April 2015 Eliseo, Altaville, CA
Kathy handled everything very professionally, the folks at Barry Ward Realty did a great job. Kathy DeGraef, my Realtor, is an example for all to emulate.
April 2015 Peter, Alameda CA
Kip was very helpful and knowledgeable about the market. She provided monthly update of all competing properties. She was understanding of the various issues that came up both in setting the price and in negotiating offers.
April 2015 Donna, Santa Rosa CA
Barry – great job! Everything was perfect.
April 2015 Amber, Angels Camp CA
Kathy did a great job – thank you!
April 2015 Edith & Thomas, Santa Cruz CA
Thank you John!
April 2015 Kirk & Jane, Hilmar CA
Barry: Very professional and best real estate experience we have had.
April 2015 Denise, Soquel CA
Kathy was excellent. She really hung in there with our long process. She really did a fantastic job and if we ever want to buy in your area again, we would definitely call Kathy! Thank you.
March 2015 Don, San Jose, CA
John: Great job! Thank you.
March 2015 Jean, Pleasanton CA
I was completely satisfied with Gloria and most appreciative of her help.
March 2015 Bonnie & Lorna, Murphys CA
Heidi, communication was excellent, thank you so much!
February 2015 Jamie, Oakland CA
Barry and his staff were very very prompt and helpful. Always available! Excellent, thank you
February 2015 Steve & Colleen, Livermore CA
All went smooth and seamless. Thank you Gloria!
February 2015 Jamie & Marc, Oakland CA
Thank you Barry, this was by far the easiest purchase I’ve ever had, thanks for everything!
February 2015 David & Tiffany, Arnold CA
Kathy was wonderful to work with, all was excellent!
February 2015 Mike & Shannon, Tracy, CA
Our 13 years with Elaine has been great: professional, reasonable, knowledgable. All was excellent!
January 2015 Terry, Walnut Creek CA
Everything was excellent. Thank you Barry for doing such a good job. Thanks to John Ehret too!
January 2015 Darby, Walnut Creek CA
We felt the entire process went smoothly. Barry was a pleasure to work with, and kept us up to date during the process. Thanks
January 2015 John & Marge, Sun City AZ
We have dealt with Barry 5 times and every time was excellent!
December 2014 Craig & Rita, Fremont CA
Kip, Everything was great, kept well informed through the process, even when on vacation.
December 2014 Craig and Rita Fremont CA
Kip was extremely helpful in finding the type of home we were looking for. She was able to determine what we really wanted after showing us just a couple of properties. Even though the purchasing process was at some times frustrating she helped us get through it with her support and optimism. She is very knowledgeable about all the different communities in the area (Arnold, CA) and helped us decide on a location. She has also been supportive and helpful after the sale which has meant a lot to us.
December 2014 Lisa & Sean, Lodi CA
We had an unusually long sale due to other circumstances, but John was always great during our purchase, responsive, helpful and insightful. He is a wonderful addition to your team. Thank You John!
December 2014 Scott & Linda, Mountain House CA
Barry, wonderful work! Thank You
December 2014 Donald& Barbara, Santa Cruz CA
John was terrific as was all the Barry Ward Staff
December 2014 Leroy & Rosemarie, Pleasanton CA
Barry, I cannot think of anything that could be improved. Thank you for your input and a quick, smooth transaction.
December 2014 Ashley & Elizabeth, San Mateo CA
For Carmie: We can’t think of anything that could have been improved!
December 2014 Henrik & Sharon, Palo Alto CA
Everything was done fabulously! What a great team, John and Marta were very helpful with our transaction.
December 2014 Mark & Barbara, Santa Rosa CA
For Heidi Ward: Flawless, Thank You!
November 2014 Elvie & Roland, Stockton CA
We are very grateful for all the help we received from Barry Ward Realty especially to John Ehret. We are thankful beyond words.
November 2014 Darren & Alicia
We just love working with Gloria
November 2014 Jacob, Hathaway Pines CA
I have known Gloria my entire life. I really enjoyed the experience! thank you to all who answered my questions over the phone as well.
November 2014 James, Menlo Park CA
Thanks to you all for making this go smoothly, especially Marta with all the forms!
October 2014 Paul, Montara CA
Noreen went above and beyond to make sure the transaction went as smooth as possible. We will recommend her to friends and family.
October 2014 George & Katherine, Martinez CA
Gloria was fantastic & very helpful! We are grateful she found our cabin.
September 2014 Steve & Lynn, Arnold CA
Everything was so smooth, can’t think of anything that could have been better. Especially the arrangements made while traveling, thank you Barry.
September 2014 Marsha, Camp Connell CA
John is wonderful. A breath of fresh air with his integrity, honesty and professionalism. Thank You!
September 2014 Patrick & Tracey, Danville CA
Everything went fine, thanks Noreen!
September 2014 Ed & Marguerite, San Carlos CA
Outstanding service and excellent communications, thank you Barry!
September 2014 Melissa & Craig, Santa Cruz CA
Gloria was an an excellent representative of what a realtor should be! I would highly recommend her!
September 2014 James & Lynette, Alamo CA
John is extremely nice and informative!
September 2014 George & Barbara, Hughson CA
Carmie, you were awesome! I would definitely recommend you to others. You are very personable, easy to reach, quick to respond and extremely helpful!
September 2014 Michael, Stockton CA
John, you did a great job! Thanks!
August 2014 John & Melinda, Livermore CA
Great Job Barry! All Excellent
August 2014 Erin & Chandra, Castro Valley CA
John is great, this is our second house we bought with John!
August 2014 Walter, Sonoma CA
Nothing could be done to make it any better! Thanks Kip!
August 2014 Tyler & Sandra, Alameda CA
John is a true Professional!
August 2014 Lance & Mary, England!
Thank you to Gloria and the title company for making this international experience go smoothly!
July 2014 Michael, San Rafael CA
July 2014 Geoff & Terry, Redwood City CA
Noreen has done an excellent job at understanding our needs and also did great follow up during the whole transaction!
July 2014 Roderick & Sandra, Lodi CA
Heidi, everything ran smoothly! Thank You
July 2014 Janet, Chula Vista CA
Gloria, Everything was perfect!
June 2014 Ted & Ruth, Scotts Valley AZ
It was an excellent experience for both of us, thank you Carmie & Barry
June 2014 Judi, Lodi CA
You all made a sad event easy and pleasant for me, thank you
June 2014 Paul & Robin, San Jose CA
Heidi was Amazing! Thank you for all your efforts!
June 2014 Barbara
Heidi was great!
June 2014 Alice & Robert, Los Altos CA
Barry continues to do an outstanding job along with his wonderful team. No notes for improvement. P.S. We especially appreciate A: His negotiation skills
B: Continued support after transactions are complete!
June 2014 Jim & Ginny, Clayton CA
Noreen Seeders: Everything went smoothly and in a timely manner!
May 2014 Brett & Andrea, Livermore CA
Kip was an absolute pleasure to work with. She and Marta made this so easy. I don’t think this process could have been any easier. So happy to work with Kip!
May 2014 Robin, Pleasanton, CA
Heidi was absolutely fantastic!! The best realtor I have ever used!
May 2014 Dave, Hughson, CA
I am very pleased with the whole process. John couldn’t have done a better job unless he could make the house payments for me!
May 2014 Robert & Sandra, Pleasant Hill, CA
We enjoyed working with Kip and appreciated her ideas regarding staging our cabin!
May 2014 Lois, Santa Clara CA
Thanks Barry, everything went smoothly!
May 2014 Charles, Moss Beach CA
Everything went as smoothly as possible, thanks to John!
May 2014 Toby & Allison, Folsom CA
Thank you Kathy!!!!!!!!!! Everything was excellent.
May 2014 Cindy, Arnold CA
After buying my first home from Barry at Barry Ward Realty I realized quickly how amazing Barry and his team are in handling real estate transactions. So, it was no coincidence that I decided to use them for my second home, a rental purchase in Arnold. Carmie Sanchez was an amazing agent to work with, she was focused at all times on finding me exactly what I wanted and never lost faith in finding me a place, though at times I did! Her attitude, hard work, patience and integrity was a delight to deal with through this transaction. Thank you to Barry, Carmie and Placer Title for an amazing job.
April 2014 Ed & Marcia, Arnold CA
Regarding Barry Ward: Cannot conceive of anything better!
April 2014 Paul & Katherine, Santa Cruz CA
Heidi was PERFECTO! She’s the bomb!
April 2014 Paul & Kate, Santa Cruz CA
Heidi recently helped us buy a home in Arnold. After one hour-long tour of some houses for sale, I felt like Heidi knew exactly what we were looking for and I immediately felt that I trusted her to be our eyes from then on, which is crucial when you live 3 hours away from where you are looking! Turned out I was right as Heidi jumped on the house we eventually bought the second it went up for sale. She always made time for us, was always available to answer any questions we had about the area, and was highly knowledgeable about not only the local area and housing market, but contractors/builders, HOAs, and many other things that are somewhat outside of the expected area of expertise of an agent. She is also a very cool person – when we arrived at our new house for the first time, we found a note from Heidi with a bottle of local wine I had mentioned liking in passing weeks before, and a locally handcrafted gift for my daughter’s recent birthday. I couldn’t recommend Heidi more highly as an agent, and we also feel that in Heidi we have a friend in our new town. She and her husband have already invited us to go mountain biking and show us the local trails. So happy we went with Heidi!
April 2014 James & Donna, San Mateo CA
Noreen was very good to work with, she was patient with us and gave us lots of choices. The total buying experience was wonderful.
March 2014 Michael & Tracy, Pleasanton CA
Barry, great experience, thank you!
March 2014 Dave, San Rafael CA
Everything was great! No improvement needed, Thanks again to Noreen for all your help!
March 2014 Jacob & Alice, Concord, CA
Barry exceeded our expectations, thank you!
March 2014 Michael and Ashley, Danville, CA
Barry, Marta and everyone at Barry Ward Realty was responsive and great to work with, 10 out of 10!
February 2014 Jack & Stella, San Leandro CA
Transaction went through flawlessly, thank you Elaine
February 2014 Robert & Rosemary, Morgan Hill CA
Very nice working with Heidi!
February 2014 Ryan & Jeaneen, Brentwood CA
Awesome experience with Heidi!
February 2014 Josh, San Leandro CA
Kip Machado was the perfect agent to represent us for our vacation home purchase in Arnold. She represented our interests very well and was a fantastic guide during the entire process. I highly recommend Kip if you are in the market to buy or sell a home in the Arnold area. We will continue working with Kip in the future if/when we decide to open the home to vacation rentals.
February 2014 Richard, San Jose CA
Kip helped me put together an honest and appealing listing for sale. We put together a reasonable list of items I should have repaired, spruced up or otherwise fixed, so that the new owners would have a move-in ready place. Because of her many years in real estate in the Arnold area, she has a stable of good trade-persons to help complete the list. The home sold within a week of its listing, even before her marketing plan reached me by mail. Closing went smoothly and quickly. She also very competently managed that property as a vacation rental. If I get back in the business in Arnold area, I will use Kip, again.
February 2014 John, San Ramon CA
Kip did a fabulous job representing us in purchasing our house. We have worked with her over the last four years in renting vacation rentals and she has always been great so when it came time to purchase our own place, she was our go to and we could not be more pleased.
February 2014 Joe, Los Gatos CA
Kip came well recommended to us and did not disappoint. She was very understanding of our needs and did not attempt to hard sell any property. Kip narrowed down our specifics as agreed, and then patiently spent days showing us a number of properties until we found the right one. Once we were decided, she played her facilitator role between all parties involved perfectly, taking much of the stress out that comes with buying a home. We will continue to highly recommend Kip’s services.
February 2014 Aaron, Northern California
My wife and I soon ventured outside Kathy DeGraef’s normal territory, but she was gracious enough with her time to stick with us. More importantly, she showed remarkable patience with our shifting needs and desires in a property, and our outspoken frustrations in searching for that needle in the haystack. We ended up settling on a foreclosed property. Looking at a relatively paltry commission compared to where we started, and dealing with an out of state bank that threw unusual paperwork and clauses at us, Kathy was steadfast and professional, seeing us to the finish line when I thought for sure the deal was near collapse on a couple of occasions.
January 2014 Anthony & Lisa, Tracy CA
Everything was wonderful!
January 2014 Steve & Margo, Tracy CA
We appreciate all your help and assistance, excellent!
January 2014 Derek & Anne, Danville CA
Everything and everyone was wonderful
January 2014 Matt & Anne, Manteca CA
We’ve been working with Heidi and Barry for over 20 years. They’re the best!
January 2014 Bill & Rebecca, Napa CA
Transaction gets 5 Stars! Kip fantastic!
December 2013 Richard, San Jose CA
It all went so quickly that everything must have worked perfectly, thank you
December 2013 Craig & Kelly, Mountain View CA
Carmie was awesome!
December 2013 Diane & Rich, Millbrae CA
Good Experience with John
December 2013 Sharon, Galt CA
You could not have done anything more, you did a great job
November 2013 Mark & Gail, Camp Connell, CA
Thanks so much Barry for your great service.
November 2013 Ken & Barbara, Arnold, CA
Excellent service, helpful office crew, good price evaluation. Best in town!!
November 2013 Joan, Arnold, CA
Barry is wonderful!
November 2013 Mark & Cathleen, Clayton, CA
Great experience, thanks Barry!
November 2013 Marty, Sacramento, CA
Thank you Barry!
October 2013 Robert & Margaret, San Rafael, CA
Everything went as scheduled. We wanted a quick sale and you accomplished that. Kip did an excellent job. Thank you!
October 2013 Fred, Shingle Springs, CA
Everything was great!
October 2013 Richard & Carole, Scotts Valley, CA
Thanks so much for your help. It was really easy and we felt very comfortable with Barry representing us.
October 2013 Scott, Concord, CA
Couldn’t be better!
October 2013 James, Scotts Valley, CA
Kip did an excellent job selling my house.
September 2013 Stephen & Nancy, Castro Valley, CA
Thank you – John & Elaine are wonderful!
August 2013 Jeanne, Mountain View, CA
All went very well – Thanks Barry!
August 2013 Dan & Michel, San Jose, CA
Very happy with Barry & The Team. He kept us well informed & knew how to handle obstacles as they happened. Would recommend Barry Ward Realty to others.
August 2013 Eugene & Avis, Stockton, CA
Thank you so much Elaine!
August 2013 Fred, San Leandro, CA
I feel nothing could have been improved with the sale of my property. Carmie handled all phases of the sale with excellence.
August 2013 Daniel & Pamela, Redwood City, CA
Gloria was great. There were a few stutters caused largely by some miscommunication early on that Gloria circumvented, otherwise it would have been uneventful! We’d recommend Gloria to others!
August 2013 Terry & Pat, Sonora, CA
From beginning to end, everything was outstanding.
August 2013 Thomas & Terri, Millbrae, CA
Heidi was a pleasure to work with!
August 2013 Larry & Kathy, Ripon, CA
There was some delay due to the seller needing to get a bond. Kip did a great job keeping us informed about the process.
August 2013 James & Brenda, Carmel Valley, CA
Carmie was the best! Over the top to help us get through all of it!
August 2013 Bruce & Sheryl, San Jose, CA
Gloria was extremely helpful and communicative. We had a few complications toward the end, and she made some calls and got everyone working together. I’d recommend her to all my friends. Thanks!
July 2013 Phil & Diane, Sacramento, CA
Kathy did an excellent job making sure that we were fully informed and that the deal went smoothly. Thanks Kathy!
July 2013 John, Placerville, CA
Everything went very well.
July 2013 Gary & Sue, Clayton, CA
Heidi went OVER and BEYOND to help us sell our cabin! She was fabulous!
July 2013 Robin, Arroyo Grande, CA
It was handled very well. John Ehret kept me informed & did an excellent job!
July 2013 MJ & Sonia, Dublin, CA
We are very happy with our cabin and how quickly and smoothly the entire transaction occurred!
June 2013 Shirley, Antioch, CA
Kip is wonderful.
June 2013 Tyler, San Marcos, CA
Barry, you have taken a burden off my shoulders and I thank you my friend!
June 2013 Joseph & Nancy, Pleasanton, CA
Carmie handled this transaction flawlessly! Kept us informed every step, used clear & concise communication, and her interpersonal skills & professionalism exceeded our expectations. Thank you Carmie!
June 2013 Robert, Columbia, CA
Kathy was personable and professional. She is an outstanding Real Estate Agent.
June 2013 Lindsay, Walnut Creek, CA
Great experience!
May 2013 Dennis & Phyllis, San Jose, CA
We\’re happy!
May 2013 Nila & Roberto, San Francisco, CA
We truly enjoyed working with John Ehret.
April 2013 Manuel & Christine, Stockton, CA
This is the second transaction that we have done with Kathy and are extremely satisfied. She is very good to work with and look forward to future transactions with her.
April 2013 Jeff & Maureen, San Jose, CA
Barry Ward Realty has knowledgeable and courteous professionals working in the office and very convenient hours. Any day of the week we stopped by there was a friendly, helpful face ready to answer any of our questions. The office is run very well. Elaine is a pleasure to work with and a joy to know. She was the main reason we bought a property here.
April 2013 Melissa, Modesto, CA
Carmie is great and always assists us with everything we need! Thanks Carmie!
April 2013 Brian & Andrea, San Jose, CA
It was a pleasure! We received professional & knowledgeable help the whole way.
April 2013 Michael, Avery, CA
Kathy is excellent.
April 2013 Jackie & Norm, Sonora, CA
Noreen did a fine job, even drove to Sonora at least two times to save Jackie and I a trip to Arnold.
March 2013 Richard & Viola Lee, San Francisco, CA
Heidi Ward is first class! We are so happy we met her. A true gem – professional, helpful, knowledgeable, always keeping our best interest foremost in mind, and just a lovely person. Barry Ward Realty is lucky to have an asset like Heidi Ward.
March 2013 Diane & Steve, Angels Camp, CA
Everything was very satisfactory.
March 2013 Paul & Sue, San Diego, CA
Thanks Barry and all who assisted.
March 2013 Henry & Lori, Livermore, CA
John was awesome! Kept us informed at all times. A pleasure to do business with him!
February 2013 Alice & Robert, Los Altos, CA
Barry did an excellent job as usual. He is professional, an expert at what he does, and is a superior negotiator with top ethical standards.
February 2013 Darrell & Barbara, Brentwood, CA
Everything went smoothly. You guys treated us like family, thank you!
February 2013 Dan & Joann, Concord, CA
We were very satisfied with everything.
February 2013 Ehrling & Margarit, Arnold, CA
It was perfect.
February 2013 Jane & John, Altaville, CA
Carmie is a wonderful agent.
February 2013 Robert & Charlotte, Los Altos, CA
Honestly, I can’t think of anything that is needed. John was very friendly and accommodating. My thanks to John!
February 2013 Jamie & Estela, Santa Clara, CA
Carmie was GREAT!!
February 2013 R. Davis, San Francisco, CA
Heidi Ward helped us buy our home in Blue Lake Springs, CA. We met Heidi Ward at an open house in Arnold, CA. We immediately found Heidi to be friendly, informative and knowledgeable. We let Heidi know our goals, objectives and time frame for a home purchase. We felt that she listened and understood. We also felt that she managed our expectations using our goals and objectives as a baseline. We found Heidi to be an expert in all things real estate, real estate negotiations, real estate finance and current real estate market trends. We also found Heidi to be an expert in all things Arnold, CA, Bear Valley Region outdoor activities and mountain parenting. We found Heidi Ward to possess excellent communication skills. She kept us constantly updated on what was happening on both sides of the transaction. When we went through the negotiations; we found her to be extremely fair and honest to both sides of the transaction. We had the best experience with Heidi Ward. We feel confident in recommending Heidi Ward.
February 2013 Robert & Julie, San Ramon, CA
Kip is a great realtor to work with. She is very knowledge about the Arnold area
and really goes above and beyond to make the home buying experience an easy
one. She is still there for you even after the close of escrow. We would highly
recommend her if you are looking to make a purchase!
February 2013 Jack & Beth, San Ramon, CA
Kip is a wonderful Realtor to work with. Very patient and really listens to your
needs. She keeps on top of your entire transaction from Escrow/Title
Companies, inspections, lenders and HOA\’s. Plus she will give you lots of
information on local events, stores, restaurants and contractors. Anything you
need, Kip has the answers!
February 2013 Mike & Rosanna, San Carlos, CA
Kip is the greatest. Always friendly and helpful. She goes way beyond the extra
step and knows her business well. Way to go Kip. We highly recommend you.
January 2013 Jim & Michele, San Ramon, CA
Heidi represented us as a seller and a buyer. We have used a few different agents and Heidi is top notch. She has a professional calmness to her no matter how stressful the transaction gets. She has excellent communication skills. I could always count on a call at the end of the day from Heidi to update me on current developments. I would recommend her to anyone!
January 2013 Blane, Pittsburg, CA
Heidi helped me with an estate transaction, she was very knowledgeable and ethical in the process, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a property or wishing to list a property. Her follow through was quick and all the answers we needed to make a decision were accurate. She was a great agent to work with. Thank You.
January 2013 Robert & Julie, San Ramon, CA
Kip is a great agent and knows her stuff! Thanks so much!!
January 2013 Janet, Simi Valley, CA
2nd purchase in less than 2 years! Carmie is well organized, exceptional follow through and understands me! She always goes out of her way to make the transaction smooth – Her work ethic is exemplary. Thank you Carmie!
January 2013 Michael & Mary Jane, Walnut Creek, CA
Everything with the transaction was very good. We did have some problems moving in. Our truck got stuck on the way in. Perhaps some advice about moving in during winter would help others.
December 2012 Russ & Claire, Fair Oaks, CA
We wish to thank you and all of your staff for a job well done.
December 2012 Brando, Richmond, CA
Nothing! Kathy was amazing. She was the reason we bought in Arnold. She is the BEST!
December 2012 Art, Marin, CA
My wife and I have been looking for a mountain property in Calaveras County and we found Heidi online. She emailed us a number of listings and when we went to Arnold to meet with her she spent the entire day showing us about eight properties. We haven’t bought as of yet, but she updates us periodically with new listings. Heidi is a delight to work with – she is very detailed, knows the area very well and is very professional. I believe she is the best agent we’ve ever worked with and I recommend her highly.
December 2012 Ron & Amber, Napa, CA
My wife and I had wanted to purchase a house in the Arnold area for many years. While on vacation, on a whim, we walked into Barry Ward Realty and were fortunate to meet Heidi that day and what a gem she turned out to be! We had concerns about how to handle a vacation home purchase in Arnold, as we live in the bay area. Heidi made our purchase an easy and stress free process, she handled setting up all the inspections on the property that we wanted done and kept us up to date on all aspects of the purchase.

As a long time Arnold resident, Heidi has an intimate knowledge of the Arnold community and really knows the ins and outs of buying and maintaining a mountain home. Buying our cabin/home in Arnold was the best home buying experience we have had.

If you are in the market for a home in the Arnold area, we HIGHLY recommend Heidi as your real estate agent.

December 2012 Dianne, Pacific Grove, CA
Nothing! Gloria is a great realtor – friendly, professional and knowledgeable. She also had the added responsibility of a long distance sale! P.S. The office staff were also courteous and helpful.
December 2012 Barbara, Livermore, CA
Not much! Thanks.
November 2012 Hans & Laura, San Bruno, CA
Very simple easy transaction! Thank You!!
November 2012 Ted, Roseville, CA
Sold it sooner — for more than asked (listed).
November 2012 Marc & Amy, Brentwood, CA
Heidi did an excellent job! We were extremely satisfied. It was a pleasure working with her and we will recommend her in the future.
November 2012 Ed, Newark, CA
November 2012 Thomas & Pamela, Benicia, CA
You guys are great.
October 2012 Hans & Laura, San Bruno, CA
His office was very helpful and made our transaction very easy from a long distance. Thank You!
October 2012 Josh & Erin, San Leandro, CA
Kip was fantastic. Would definitely recommend her to others.
October 2012 Kathleen & Martin, Santa Clara, CA
Everything was great! Responsiveness – super!
October 2012 Ritch, Modesto, CA
Elaine did a great job handling the 1/3 portion of our cabin. So happy to have her as our agent.
October 2012 Tracy, Modesto, CA
Elaine was so conscientious and communicated so easily via email & cell phone. I felt well cared for.
October 2012 Brenda & Adriana, Sacramento, CA
John was a pleasure to work with we will continue to buy in this area. Thanks John.
September 2012 Leanne, Angels Camp, CA
Kathy went above & beyond my expectations. I couldn’t have done this without her. She is the BEST!!!
September 2012 Jim McFarland, Redwood City, CA
No improvement needed. Service was great throughout the process. Thank You Kip!
September 2012 Robert & Trisha, Modesto, CA
Nothing!!! Loved Carmie & Elaine.
September 2012 Pat & Marcy, Scotts Valley, CA
Absolutely NOTHING! Your personal touch, Elaine, is unsurpassed. Thanks for all of your efforts as well as your true personal concerns.
September 2012 Frances, Murphys, CA
Gloria is great!
September 2012 Jeff & Marlena, Livermore, CA
Nothing Kathy was great to work with!
September 2012 Walter & Carolyn, Newark, CA
Gloria was FABULOUS* throughout our process. We both agree she really understood what kind of property we wanted, and kept us informed on all levels during our search, and again as we negotiated and worked on closing. *I do not use this word lightly!
September 2012 Ken & Mary Joan, San Jose, CA
Couldn’t ask for anything more. Service was exceptional!
August 2012 Nabeel & Hala, Healdsburg, CA
We are extremely pleased with the transaction. Barry and staff did an outstanding job!
August 2012 Emil & Barbara, Los Altos, CA
Not a thing! We always knew we would call ‘Barry’ when we were ready to sell. “If you price it right, it will sell”! We are believers – 2 hours on MLS and a full price offer. Can’t ask for better than that. With much respect & thanks.
August 2012 Patricia, San Jose, CA
Great Job.
July 2012 William & Karen, West Sacramento, CA
Nothing at all! John was fabulous!
July 2012 Kevin & Elena, San Jose, CA
Working with our agent was wonderful – everything went very smoothly and we were kept well informed.
July 2012 Franciella, Arnold, CA
Gloria did a wonderful job – she went above and beyond.
July 2012 Lorraine, Gardnerville, NV
Barry, you are the best!
July 2012 John & Kristina, Concord, CA
We were kept up to date through the entire process, and my agent did a good job acting as an intermediary concerning the communication between the sellers and ourselves.
June 2012 Don, Berkeley, CA
You all did a great job for me! Thank you.
June 2012 Scott & Madelaine, Fremont, CA
Nothing! Bob was great throughout the whole process!
June 2012 Richard, San Diego, CA
Thanks to all of you for a job well done.
June 2012 Scott & Wendy, San Andreas, CA
Thanks for all your help John!
May 2012 Patricia, Buellton, CA
I started out with Lance, but John took care of me through closing – nice job!
May 2012 Jonathan & Jodye, Menlo Park, CA
No problems at all – excellent service.
May 2012 Mark & Gail, Camp Connell, CA
Great work – Thank – you – so – much.
May 2012 Steven & Lisa, Walnut Creek, CA
Thank you for making this unfortunate process easy and a bit less painful!
May 2012 Patricia, San Jose, CA
Thank you a job well done!
May 2012 Don & Joan, Modesto, CA
Everything went very smoothly! Thanks, Gloria! A+
May 2012 Richard & Sharon, Patterson, CA
Thank you to John for all your help! You could not have done better!
April 2012 Scott & Sachiko, Alameda, CA
John delivered the service I needed to find and purchase a mountain home. Thank You.
April 2012 Elaine, San Ramon, CA
John did a wonderful job Thank You.
April 2012 Richard & Lisa, San Carlos, CA
Nothing everything was done perfect. 🙂
March 2012 Sanders & Patricia, Camp Connell, CA
We have no suggestions – Carmie was a great help. We appreciate her and value her.
March 2012 Erin & Chandra, Castro Valley, CA
Nothing. John was great. A true pleasure to work with on this deal.
March 2012 Stan & Barbara, Brentwood, CA
You could not improve anything! Kip was wonderful to work with and we are looking forward to having her as our property manager.
March 2012 Charles & Danielle, San Carlos, CA
Kip was outstanding. She handled a stressful situation in a professional manner, I would recommend her to future friends. Thank you.
March 2012 Tad & Katie, Walnut Creek, CA
Nothing. 🙂 Service was above & beyond. Would recommend Barry Ward Realty & Lance in a heartbeat. Plan to! Thanks for all your help.
March 2012 Peter, Oakland, CA
Not much John was great. He hung in there with us during our multi-year search and eventual purchase!
February 2012 Arthur & Robin, Arnold, CA
Everything went fine!
February 2012 Peter & Jeannette, San Ramon, CA
It was great – thanks!
February 2012 Dennis & Ginger, San Rafael, CA
Kathy was efficient and great to work with – thank you.
February 2012 Sean & Michelle, San Jose, CA
Thank You!!
January 2012 Mark & Gail, Camp Connell, CA
Thank You Barry & Crew!
January 2012 Paul & Joan, Murphys, CA
Nothing. John was great to work with.
January 2012 William & Joy, Palo Alto, CA
Very professional. Very helpful. Very satisfied.
January 2012 Michael & Jacqueline, San Carlos, CA
It was fantastic. Thank You!